The breakfast at the TalktoWendys that went wrong

QSR Redux’s “Breakfast Wars” appears to be more of a marathon than a race, as COVID-19 has changed plans for the morning.

Meanwhile, Wendy looks ready to go.

On March 2, before the crown virus hit the headlines across the country and caused widespread internal disputes, Wendy’s entered the lucrative and coveted portion of breakfast across the country.

The chain had done everything in its power: bombard social media with a carpet attack that criticized competitors’ breakfast menus, billboards in Times Square in Manhattan asking “Are you ready for that?” and television advertising with related news.

“Thanks to our social media and air marketing efforts, we quickly achieved over 50% of our breakfast profile,” Todd Penegor, Wendy’s president and CEO, told analysts. a conference call on May 6.

After all the signs, it was the success Wendy had hoped for. Breakfast increased sales at the same restaurants in the US. The USA In more than 16% in the first week, which, according to Penegor, represents 8% of April sales in the US. The USA Without cannibalizing other sales.

Of all the fast-food chains analyzed, Wendy’s is the only brand that experienced a significant increase from 8:00 a.m. to the morning rush hour¬† In March and April, Jocelyn Bauer, communications manager for location-based data provider, recently wrote a report.

Wendy had 3.4% of all visits in those hours and months in 2019, but that percentage increased to 5.7% in 2020.

It is clear that Wendy’s new breakfast menu maintains traffic and intrigue even in uncertain times, said Bauer.

To help its franchisees benefit from breakfast, Wendy’s has “reduced” its contributions to the breakfast marketing budget for the rest of 2020, taking into account the additional costs of training and maintaining the kitchen.

TalktoWendys FAQ

What is TalktoWendys Survey?

It is a customer satisfaction survey introduced by Wendy’s at to make sure that the customers are happy with the services and the food served on their premises.

Where can I participate in the TalktoWendys Survey?

You can easily conduct this customer satisfaction survey on the official website of Wendy’s at the address

What are the Survey rewards?

You will be getting some gift cards along with free meals if you successfully complete the TalktoWendys Survey.

Is a safe website to use?

Yes. Wendy’s has made sure that this official website of the survey portal is extremely safe and secure for each and every user to use.

I am a resident of the USA, but I am 17 years old. Can I access the Survey?

Unfortunately, no. Only the residents of the USA, whose age is above 18 can participate in the Survey.

“We have been withdrawing our investments since breakfast and evaluating the situation going forward,” said Chief Financial Officer Gunther Plosch.

Wendy’s franchises typically pay royalties of 4% of gross sales, 3.5% for national advertising, and 0.5% for local advertising.

We believe we have a solid marketing plan for the rest of 2020, said Penegor. We remain fully committed to breakfast and will continue to lobby the media in this area as part of this plan, which we will also find for our lunches and dinners.

A representative from Wendy told Marketing Daily: “We continue to build our momentum by offering breakfast in deliveries and restaurants, and we continue to offer several breakfast options for Wendy’s mobile app, such as free bacon when you buy it.”

Wendy executives made it clear that they currently have no plans to extend breakfast to a full-day offer.

There is a complexity when you go from breakfast to lunch and you know how we handle grills to prepare food and make it fresh,  said Penegor.