What made the DGCustomerFirst the best?

Although the so-called commercial apocalypse opens stores across the country, and apparently unlikely business has remained and is flourishing in the digital age: Dollar General. While many previously powerful retailers are close to the store, dollar stores overall are growing: Of the nearly 2,780 stores that will open in 2019, around 1,800 or more than half are discount chains. according to Coresight Research.

The five huge firms with the decided openings are huge chains like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Aldi, and Five Below. Dollar General plans to open only 975 stores, nearly a third of all previously announced stores. This makes Dollar General by far the largest company this year. Dollar Tree continues with around 350 planned store openings.

We continue to invest in Dollar General Survey companies from a strong position. We continue to focus on expanding new businesses and other real estate projects, said Todd J. Vasos, CEO of Dollar, recently in a call for profit. This year, however, more than 7,200 transactions were included in the standard block, including 2,100 unpaid transactions.

Many of the remaining companies are pulling out and regrouping, as famous retailers have forced themselves to pull out of years of Amazon influence and competition. They develop strategies to enhance the agency experience or to promote online traffic. However, discount chains like Dollar General shaped shoppers during the recession and did the opposite.

Large retailers that open stores are less affected by the development of e-commerce, said Scott Mushkin, an analyst at Wolfe Research.

DGCustomerFirst Survey

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Dollar stores tend to be smaller and offer fewer options, making it easier for customers to nav/igate. They also offer products that consumers need quickly when empty, e.g. B. a gallon of milk or a pack of razors. This makes it a convenient stop for shoppers on the way to work and resists digital capture.

They also work well with consumers in all markets, poor or rich, in cities and suburbs. But they are growing faster in rural communities, where they may be the only grocery store that is available for miles and where large retailers like Walmart and Amazon have a hard time settling down.

DGCustomerFirst facility

Dollar General installs freezers and refrigerators at its facilities and launched a fresh produce initiative after criticizing the company for not offering healthy options to low-income communities. According to CEO Vasos, Dollar General delivers fresh produce to 450 of its 15,600 stores and is also looking for ways to shop locally.

In any case, Dollar General has seen steady revenue growth since it went public 10 years ago. Revenue of $ 6.62 billion in the last quarter exceeded expectations by Wall Street analysts.

Andrew Lipsman, an analyst at eMarketer Retail, says dollar stores continue to prosper even when Americans have a full-employment economy, suggesting that shoppers internalized cheap buying behavior during the big recession.

Analysts and Dollar General Survey shareholders are particularly focused on dollar stores, as they should do well even when the economy is slowing down. This is particularly important since many retailers are concerned about the current threat of tariffs on imported consumer goods.