December 20, 2018

The Team

Want to know what happened with the previous soccer match?

Then you should probably tune into our page for game updates and Live podcasting!

Pamela Rosales is our lead host, and I am Amanda Tyner – both of us are sports freaks and that’s what lead us to start our own podcast channel!

I worked as a freelance reporter for about 2 years and then got in touch with my blogging friend Pamela (she’s probably gonna kill me for this). We both are high-school buddies but lost in touch once we got working.

This whole podcast idea was of Pamela, and I instantly liked it! Sports and News Sharing – in a new format.

We shall post updates on the recent leagues being held, and would try not to miss out on anything.

So, what do you want to hear from us!? Mail us, or simply commenting down your queries beneath the post. Yes, we would go through each one of it, and keep you guys updated!

Thanks for reading pals. See you all very sooooon!