Teen Athlete Passes Away with the Flu Hit, Raises the Need for Vaccination

Influenza is deadly, and it was yet again proved with the passing away of Kayla Linton. She was an all-rounder athlete, healthy – still, the flu took this 17 years old’s life away. This incident took place during the Jan end, 2017. Linton is one among the dozens of children (including the healthy ones) who die because of the influenza virus.

As per the reports and cases, U.S has been on an average flu season so far. Now, this may sound normal to you, but even the average flu has been found to be deadly, says the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

Teen Athlete Passes Away with the Flu Hit, Raises the Need for Vaccination

Based on the CDC reports, 15 children under the age of 18 have died during the 2016-2017 flu season. It’s pretty easy and quick for the CDC to calculate and get the data, well the numbers were definitely higher. The total number of child deaths was 89 for the same flu time period.

Talking about Linton, she was sick only for a few days.

The news has just shocked us, told by her older brother William to the NBC News.

He adds that ‘Kayla was just perfect, healthy little girl. She was into sports and almost everything. It just shocks us how the flu could easily take her away from us’.

When it comes to flu-pneumonia, it’s the young or the oldest people who give the hardest fight. Also, Kayla didn’t have any special trouble symptom visible, although Kayla’s mom took her to the clinic for flu diagnosis.

William said – later throughout the week she didn’t get any better. The next Saturday morning she got up and asked for assisting her to the bathroom. She had some breathing trouble at that time, and then after a minute she just stopped breathing. We couldn’t do anything to bring her back until the ambulance came and picked her up.

Take one influenza vaccine, and keep yourself protected from the intensity of the virus. If you can’t take it now, then make sure you get it during the time of the fall.